A downloadable game for Windows

Beat Banger is a simple NSFW rhythm game created using the Godot Engine.

This is BunFan Games' first ever released project

More Info

If you'd like to request a feature, find a bug, or want to get more info on this project please head over to the Github

If you'd like to learn about modding YOUR OWN CHARCTERS into the game or want to check out the BunFan Games community, join our Discord Server

Here are some extra links: 

Beat Banger Wiki

Change Log

How To Mod

That's all for now~! Cheers 👋

Release date May 31, 2021
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(491 total ratings)
AuthorBunFan Games
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Adult, Music, Singleplayer
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksTwitter, Patreon, Discord


Beat Banger v1.311 | win64 52 MB
Beat Banger v1.311 | win32 51 MB

Install instructions

Extract and GO!

Development log


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for this version of the game i can only play the judy hops lvl, is it because it's free?


how the hell do you make mods for this game?????


how do I use the codes?


the audio delay kinda sucks but overall pretty good game


what is that command??? Pls



the command to just watch the video


if i show this to my bestie she freaks ou


on the discord beat beanger server the invitation link does not work


Why not make it on browser.




Please add to Android

it’s on the discord


But how to play it

You install the .apk .


how can i contact the staff so they can remove my ip ban? please, it was an accident and im sorry, this server is very important to me :




please make this for chromebook this nor the steam version works for me.


Hopefully Come To Android than  Add Auto play Next Update


Pls make it downloadable on android

(1 edit) (+7)(-1)

for anyone wanting hands free mode hit / and then type handsfree  in there or hit / then type devmode then hit f2 and then type handsfree


where can you download mods


the discord


We need come mobile editio

someone help me I try to increase the volume with the = and it won't let me I keep pressing the shift and it won't let me

where can I get mods? 

Fix the discord link it says expired


Broooo i cant beat my meat while i play and try to get a high score ;-; 




can't be me xD i don't even have meat to beat 

lil bit of not registering key presses, a bit annoying, and also is kinda hard to play while jerking off... soo

watch it on rule 34


do /nohands or something on the title screen


why do you have to pay for the new one while  this one is free, is the other one gonna be free once its done?


think of this one like a tech demo, very good while the paid one is the fully realized idea, like a beta test or an open alpha build

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)

i can only find one mod how do i  get more?


I typed /handsfree on a main menu to do autoplay, but nothing happened. What should I exactly do to set auotplay?



go on the actual menu

Deleted 217 days ago

the controls work fine

 you just suck

Deleted 217 days ago

coping issue


you just suck

Deleted 219 days ago

Blud Mad Over a game Thats crazyy.


Actual skill issue, you just suck

Deleted 217 days ago

Or maybe you are the sad one for being so negative with absolutely no provocation and telling people to kill themself

Deleted 217 days ago

brother its not that deep go beat ya dick to something else lmao


Bro the game works fine I even downloaded mods from the official discord and they work fine

Either you got a crappy PC or you're just ass at it (people suck at certain things and you just suck at pressing z,x,c on time)


nobody is defending the game, we're all attacking you for being trash at said shitty game, deal with it


That's crazy, says the dude on that same forum LMAO


Okay so this person is really toxic and I'm not defending any of that but this game DOES have serious audio delay problems

At least for me, the audio is about 100ms behind the video, meaning you need to hit notes a tenth of a second before hearing them. And it seems like it's not just me—the trailer video for the Steam version shows a similar offset between the audio and video.

To check this wasn't just an encoding issue, I made two separate recordings: one of Beat Banger, and one of Taiko no Tatsujin (via TJAplayer3).

Sure enough, the Taiko footage shows no noticeable offset between the audio and video, while the Beat Banger footage shows a consistent audio lag. This is especially noticeable on failed notes, as the beat pretty clearly lands outside the timing window. In fact, the beat consistently lands on the exact same frame the timing window ends? Which means if I hit the notes actually on-time by ear, every single note would either be a Miss or a Good.

And I don't think this is just a me issue? I'm playing on wired speakers, and games like Taiko play just fine. I even unplugged the speakers from my monitor passthrough and plugged them directly into my laptop to test if it was an issue with DisplayPort, but got the same results that way. I feel pretty confident in calling this an issue on the game's end.

So like Ron's a complete asshat but this game does have serious delay issues


ha angry furry can't play the funny music sex gamr


Not a furry, it's a temporary PFP kid


ha angry (not) furry changed their pfp because their insecure


ha stupid idiot who has no life bullied someone because they think that they're above consequences


nothings screams skill issue more than complaining that the controls dont work, when it does so for everyone else

Shut up you Murder Drones fan.


Get a better pc


How do i run the mods

So how exactly do I add mods, I haven't found anything to tell me how to download

You gotta join the discord server (hyperlinked in the more info section), and find the mod channel when you have access.


If you can fap while playing this game then I commend you. 

You truly are a master 

...bator 😏


I've been waiting a long time for this game on steam, and I'll buy it when I have money, I see a lot of potential, I admire work and nsfw art that will help me a lot for my art hehe


Hi Guys, what to do now that the bbooru project has been closed. Where to download mods?

On their discord server

how the link doesnt work

Deleted 285 days ago

Where is that now?.


i came here to bust a nut not bust a move

android version when?


i just wanted to jack off,this shit is genuinely challenging- 


also,half my mods wont show up...

(1 edit)

I reinstalled the game and now some mods just don't show up, tried re downloading both win32 & 64 versions, but the problem persists.

I didn't have this problem the first time I downloaded the game, so if somebody knows how to fix this I would appreciate some help.

(It might be this version, but I can't find older versions)

i think you'll have to go to their discord server for help because it seems they're not active here

heyo i played the orignal and the demo i love it

where can i download the mods please give me the link to the mods



its gone

Where's the list of mods, I'm looking for one that i can't seem to find.




Does anyone know if there is another site to find mods? (apart from the discord server) bc the one that i used is down



Можете пожалуйста объяснить почему ссылка не работает?


How do you add mods into this?

Deleted 241 days ago
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