A downloadable game for Windows

Beat Banger is a simple NSFW rhythm game created using the Godot Engine.

This is BunFan Games' first ever released project

More Info

If you'd like to request a feature, find a bug, or want to get more info on this project please head over to the Github

If you'd like to learn about modding YOUR OWN CHARCTERS into the game or want to check out the BunFan Games community, join our Discord Server

Here are some extra links: 

Beat Banger Wiki

Change Log

How To Mod

That's all for now~! Cheers 馃憢

Release date May 31, 2021
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(358 total ratings)
AuthorBunFan Games
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Adult, Music, Singleplayer
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksTwitter, Patreon, Discord

Install instructions

Extract and GO!


Beat Banger v1.311 | win64 52 MB
Beat Banger v1.311 | win32 51 MB

Development log


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where i can't downlad mods

i noticed some mods are not on the discord and i was wondering if there was another place to find mods

discrd invitation is invalid



Android please


please put cbat in beat banger


please its perfect please

i need it

how do i raise the volume up?

MacOS version?


try bro :P


The Discord invite is not working for me ...

Should be fixed :)


I tried the discord server button, but it say can't accept invite


Could this be made for Android?


I don't know if it is just me but the discord invite doesn't seem to work

mods can be downloaded in the discord as .rar files under #bb-new-mods

Where I Download Mods? There Is A Mod Page Or Something?

The discord has mods :)


Phone version?


Yoo... BunFan, can you update the discord server invitation, please


very easy. Not hard enough


how do i dowload more mods?

If I'm not wrong, the mods is inside the discord server

but how do i get it to work

(1 edit) (+2)

just so yall can fap you can activate autoplay by pressing the / key then typing in handsfree in the menu

Pressing the / key to select a level also goes into a free play mode where you can switch animations, note loops and loop time. Press the / key again to exit. Don't know if this requires you to beat the level first though.


Why can't I use my mouse for the game? Also, this is a porn game, I don't want to spend the entire time looking at the keyboard trying to hit the right buttons. I don't like that you have to hit the buttons at the EXACT right moment in order to not fail.



(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

1. This is a rhythm game with porn, NOT a porn game

2. Your failing is a skill issue not a problem with the game, as I suggested to someone further down the comments you need to put some practice into using your peripheral vision


S k i l l  I s s u e .


here u go


can someone give me instructions on how to install this game on a chromebook because i have been struggling alot trying to add this

Its a windows OS  game so you probably wont be able to run this on your chromebook.

I think you can install Wine (a translation programm) to run .exe files on a Chromebook. I don't think it can run games that require Directx or simmilar things.

Cool game ! ^^  Can I do some let's play videos on your games  ? (Knowing that I will post the videos on porn plateforms and earn a bit of income from the ads)


I would love if the game has an Android version馃檶馃檶馃檶


ps like the game good job

can I ask you why do you not have More maps?

I want to use controller. Will there be support soon?


I cant find the other custom mods like the fnf beat banger mods

Yeah im pretty sure that's a game of its own


how do you increase the volume im stuck on mute and i was trying to place and look around and then i pressed something and now my game is mute please help me

Don't know if you still need help but the volume keys are: - & =


May be a personal issue, but the MEGA file with mods is gone

Are you considering placing a censor feature? I want to upload this content to YouTube without breaking their policies. 

good game


promote android version


can you mod the Game?

You can create your own custom beat maps. As for the base game I have no idea, though I'm sure it'd be possible


yeah, you can, you need a decompiler for the goddot engine and the goddot engine, if you mean the tracks, then yes, there is a tool to create them, you get some reference from the discord and can also be helped by the community, other than that, installing the mods is easy as click and drag to a "mods" folder

i did but it not show up


Do you think it Will have Android versi贸n 


No mac :(


you could try using an emulator of windows, for a mac port i think it'll take a long time, i could try to make a fanport, but jumping in again and installing all goddot files would drain me again

It's neat and all, but I feel as if it would be better with an apk

idk if it's just me but if feels like all my button presses are extremely delayed or they just flat out don't register most of the time. I'll press a button perfectly one time and then randomly miss it for no reason.


...got here because xVideos. I was thinking "I must try", then when trying I came to realization I couldn't watch the animation because as soon I did I failed all beats


You just need to put some practice into using your peripheral vision to "watch" the beat line while you look at the animation or vice versa


or you could press the "/" on the menu and put the code "handsfree"



Can we take a moment to appreciate newcro, i love his shit

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