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Beat Banger is a mature furry rhythm game. You are the lone protagonist in a rags-to-bitches story. Work your way to the top of Beat Banger Studios, a small and rhythmic porn production company in desperate need of assistance. You apply for a simple production job, but it seems the CEO has another position in mind for you. So jump in now; you won't want to miss a beat.

Beat Banger frequently depicts sex acts, including nudity, insertions, and bodily fluids. This game does NOT contain non-consensual or violent content, and all characters are over 18.


In the current version of the game, only three levels are available; More levels will be added in the future. The Available stages in this version of Beat Banger are rhythm games, which reward timing, accuracy, and consistency. The beats within stages represent the "thrusts" your character performs. Doing well in specific sections of the level may reward you with alternate versions of the animations.


You can re-play any stages you've beaten on the level select screen. So try your best to get a high score and more cash for the Shop!


Users can generate content by creating mods for the game. These levels can be found by selecting the "mods" button on the main menu. This game will not include any mods natively. However, mods can be found on our community discord. Download mods at your own risk!

Check out our modding community at discord.gg/beatbanger

Why Early Access?

"With the core game engine finished, we are releasing in Early Access to improve our development process better using community feedback. We have an active modding community and would like to expand access to modding tools to enable players to generate their own content for the game."

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

"Around seven months."

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

"In the full version, we plan to include additional levels and cutscenes, as well as more music, gallery images, and bonus levels available in the Points Shop."

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

"The Early Access version contains two finalized levels and one cutscene but can contain unlimited user-generated content made with the freely available modding tool. Players can spend the points they've earned in the Points Shop to unlock additional content like music tracks, additional art, and extra hearts for gameplay."

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

"No, we are not planning on changing the price after Early Access."

How are you planning on involving the community in your development process?

"We have developed Beat Banger over the last two years by actively communicating with our community through Discord and encouraging comments and feedback. We will continue to do so as the game improves. There is an in-game link to the Discord server where we welcome anyone interested in downloading or creating mods, as well as reporting bugs, providing suggestions, and feedback."

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 24, 2023
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(103 total ratings)
AuthorBunFan Games
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Adult, bunfan, Erotic, Furry, Music, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller
LinksSteam, Twitter, Patreon, Steam, Community, Homepage


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

beat-banger-win64.zip 445 MB
Version 3.482
beat-banger-macos.zip 356 MB
Version 3.3.0
beat-banger-linux.zip 388 MB
Version 3.482

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i installed the game on steam but everytime i try to connect my lovense, the game just crashes

Should be fixed in 3.481 Pushing the hotfix now

thanks a ton

(1 edit) (+3)

This game is missing some timing calibration, i would love to see some of that since some people have audio delay on headphones <3 (Also Thicc cat go brrr)


i got banned on the discord like 2 years ago or something and i dont know where the "ban appeal" is could yall tell me?

You can contact me so i can help you see what the ban was.
Discord= ratzius

i have sended you a friend request on discord (my itch name is the same on discord)

Sorry, I didn't see that you replied. I thought it was someone else. My apologies.


Is there a patreon subscription where you get the hame too? I only have paypal.


No only Steam and Itch


I miss Yoshi and Legoshi


Doesn't open on Mac, anybody got any fixes?


The version for Mac is currently not working on. Just wait for the next major Update (Dawna's level release and other stuff) and it should be fixed.


Will there be a mobile version later




is this still being developed?




it wont let me join the discord 


why i cant pay with paypal?


why did bush do 9/11?


Android version pls 


Agreed, i see no reason why this game cant run on a phone.


5 characters okay, but hoe many chapters do you plan to add? I would expect at least two or three levels for each character.  Not sure how well the mods download would work on something like steam. No one even told me properly what would be the chase if I end upd getting problems with my game because of mods.


when gojo


when is there going to be men

Deleted 6 days ago



my fault the old version actually had gender diversity 馃檮

Deleted 6 days ago

it had the jack and legoshi ones?? the yoshi?? those were built in you dumbass homophobe


Pretty sure you added those through discord or mods. Base game doesn't have those characters


I was told We would be Fucking MEN


there's mods for that on the discord dood



Does the full game has some sort of gallery, never sure how your supposed to play and watch the thing. Nearly always fully concentrated on hitting the right buttons.

if you beat a level (without no fail mode) you can go into handsfree where it will play itsel


Is this finished already?, here and on steam?


no there are 4 official levels and a ton of mods on their discord

both versions are the same but on itch you need to reinstall for every update


Is there gonna be android port just need to tap tap easy port until coded


I feel jack ass sorry about that if do that android port that be cool it probably take time 


i dont think that something like that is planned

but i know that the modding community has made android ports of the legacy and demo versions

Is there any way to get this version for free if I already paid for the steam version?




In the gameplay section it mentions "Doing well in specific sections of the level may reward you with alternate versions of the animations."
Is this a feature in the current build? I haven't noticed anything.

(1 edit) (+2)(-6)

Make the notes go down vertically, sideways looks bad

Or if you want to keep them horizontal, how about making them on separate lanes, can make them a bit smaller, but show all 4 buttons there.


my good friend have you ever played hit rhythm game taiko no tatsujin

I just played a game where the buttons cam down or went up depending on the power up.

Anyway, has the game some sort of scene gallery ? I noticed it has a story?   I will probably have to concentrate so much that I won't get to see anything .

if you beat a level (without no fail mode) you can go into handsfree where it will play itself

Okay thank you.  It would just be kinda pointless if you never see what's going on.

I might wait for a few more songs, but I do like that it got at least some sort of story. 

I just can't say if I really like any song beside the Cat ones so far, which I figured out is supposed to be the first.


or you could play something that isnt FNF


I like it even if I don't have the same excitemend like with the other rhytm game. I think i played the  demo here or something.  Now i noticed there is a bigger game that still needs to convince me. Anyway, I wanted to say I think it's a good idea to have the ability to maybe watch the performance after you have beaten the level?

It's always weird if you can't really concentrate on what your seeing anyway.


bro really is so broke he needs to convince himself for two months on whether to buy or not lol

 just buy it damn it there arent that many levels out now but you still have an epic modding community


Who is broke?, I'm also confused why you answered me four times.

It won't run on MacOS and there is no README instructions on how to fix. :/


u guys did an amazing job on the update!

so there is no way to download past versions of this


no there is https://bunfan.itch.io/beat-banger-legacy


I got the game on Steam. Pretty good. Well made. Good music. Overall 9.5/10 (Could use more Big Strong women)


not this bitch making of pay

BunFan Games

please kill yourself and make this free


brokies mad that he cant please himself to a furry game 


bros mad he wastes his money


You don't have ten dollars


Me when I expect people to work full-time jobs for free for my personal benefit


Job application?


man why you so heated over a porn game just pirat it


is there no way to pay with paypal?

how to use mod in here?


i cant buy it on steam becouse im in germany can you fix that?

(1 edit) (+2)

that's because of steam/the law and not something the dev can do anything about. Only way would be to make it a completely censored version with no sexual scenes in it and release it as a rhythm game


try use vpn. if it won"t work then i dk (consider germany laws about porn, piracy and stuff)

You can buy it here on itch.io using e.g. a virtual credit card (or a real one ofc if you have one)



Does the itch.io ver come with a steam key?

so I have the game on steam and can't figure out how to download mods no matter how many guides I read. Help?


nvm figured it out


I doubt it but will there be an android version?


There's a mobile version of the legacy version. Thats it

where can I find it?

on their discord



can it be free ples


12 downvotes and no single comment explain why is this so? very sus

for me game should be full free everywhere


it's a project coded from the ground-up with hand-drawn animation. are you stupid?


I don't know if I'm stupid, maybe I am?(I just wanted to point out that the creator could have created many fake accounts to manipulate the results). anyway, I would be more worried about the intelligence of the people who bought this game.

 have a nice day, topic closed


What is blud waffling about 馃拃


you're as useful as the ueue in the word Queue


Fuckkkk I wanna play it but I have a chromebook and my version doesn't support Linux


Dowload a thing called wine, it is a layer of translation linux-windows, all godot games works with wine


I really like this game, but I think it's a little too unforgiving of errors. Missed beats should hurt your score, sure; but it's too easy to lose your rhythm, miss a few beats and then totally fail the scene.


I beat Cathy's scene on Normal with 4 stars on the first try, then failed Zoe's scene 4 times in a row because it's so unforgiving of misses. Then I did Zoe on Virgin (a bit condescending, that; why not "Easy"?) and immediately succeeded with 4 stars.

I think it shouldn't make you fail unless you were going to not even get a 1 star score. At the very least, it should forgive a few missed beats and give you clear warning that you're about to lose if you don't shape up.

Update: I've now beaten all three scenes on at least Normal, and two of them on Expert, with at least 4 stars. To go from failing to that is pretty jarring. I think there needs to be more space between failing and winning with flying colors---there should be ways to just do kind of mediocre.

But, again, let me say that this game is amazing, and despite being very incomplete, probably the best rhythm-sex game I've ever played.

Tbf they added stuff to make harder levels easier to pass with items in the shop. Plus if you fail that just means you need to improve and you only lose if you complete fail a note aka hitting the wrong key or just not pressing it at all 4 times in a row without items. The timing is very forgiving too as i'm sure you noticed. Theres 4 degrees of hitting a note that doesnt impact you negetavily, Perfect, great, nice and meh.  Considering all that i dont think the game is unfair if you fail cuz of hitting the wrong key or not pressing anything. (I'm not saying you're bad i'm just saying in my opinion the game is already fair enough and doesnt need to be any easier)

I'm not really asking for an overall decrease in difficulty, but rather a smoother transition between failure and success. I was eventually able to win all the levels. But I jumped directly from failing outright to getting 4 stars, and that's what felt weird. I actually think it might make sense to make it harder overall; but something feels wrong about just a slight difference in timing for half a dozen notes being the difference between failure and near-total success.

I think it might be the fact that Beat Banger focuses so heavily on successive notes---it's missing several in a row that makes you fail. I think I would prefer if it were a larger absolute number of missed notes, like "you can't miss more than 50" rather than "you can't miss more than 5 in a row".

To see what I mean, compare SpunkStock. Unless you specifically get the Doom modifier or several stacked Whip modifiers, you can miss several notes in a row without failing. You won't get the coveted SS or even S ratings, but you can still make it through the scene.

Overall I like Beat Banger better than SpunkStock; I particularly love that the beats you trigger are actually thrusts in the sex scene. But the difficulty curve in SpunkStock feels smoother, without the jarring leap from "you suck" to "you're amazing".

A different way to make successive notes important would be for the "Combo" count to actually do something, which as far as I can tell it does not. Some sort of bonus score multiplier you get at certain levels of combo (or even literally just +1% score for each beat per combo, so a 127 combo is +127% points) would provide incentive to never miss a beat without making you suddenly fail because there's one fast section of a song you're bad at.


Whenever you buy a game that isn't fully done, do you just get the current versions, or do you get the future updates to?


You get permanent access to all updates, as long as they're posted on the same Itch.io page.

Thanks. 馃憤


i want free one


Yeah, a free demo would be nice.

Is this coming to android?

This looks lovely. Reminds me I have to buy it one day. Just shying away a bit from the prize, so I will either wait for a sale or go for it when I have a bit more money in the pocket.

Either way, this looks like some fun and unique gameplay and I respect that creativity. =3

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