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Disclaimer : 

This Version is a FREE DEMO released to the public. The final and complete version of this game will be released on Steam. This game is still in the early development phases and is not yet complete. The content in the game is subject to change in future versions.

For more information check out our Discord Server!

Beat Banger is a mature furry rhythm game. You are the lone protagonist in a rags-to-bitches story. Work your way to the top of Beat Banger Studios, a small and rhythmic porn production company in desperate need of some assistance. You apply for a simple production job, but it seems the CEO has another position in mind for you. Jump in now, you won't want to miss a beat.


In the current version of the game only two levels are available; "Virgin Newbie" and "She Doesn't Like You". More levels will be added in future versions of the game. The Available stages in this version of Beat Banger are rhythm games, which reward timing, accuracy, and consistency. The beats within stages represent the “thrusts” your character performs. Doing well in specific sections of the level may reward you with alternate versions of the animations.


You can choose to re-play any stages you've beaten on the level select screen. Try your best to get the high score. :D


Users can generate their own content by creating mods for the game. These levels can be found by selecting the "mods" button on the main menu. This game will not include any mods natively. Mods can be found on our community discord. Download mods at your own risk!

Check out our modding community at discord.gg/bunfan


Core Features

  • Tutorial Level
  • In-Game Point Shop
  • Story / Cutscenes
  • Hold Notes

Extra Features

  • Endless Mode
  • Autoplay Mode (Can be access in current build with `/devmode`)
  • Achievement Gallery
  • Stats Profile (Career Section)

Accessibility Features

  • Colorblind Mode
  • Reduced Motion Mode
  • Single Button Control Mode

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(88 total ratings)
AuthorBunFan Games
Tags2D, Adult, beat-banger, bunfan, Furry, Godot


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Beat Banger v2.64 Demo (Win64) 70 MB

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kinda sad that they changed the game engine, now it doesn't work on my laptop anymore, still is a great game tho.

How to use /devmode?

I key the ward but no use?


after typing /devmode press F2 to bring up the dev menu

the game crashes after a warning about 18+ although I swear I agree with everything (I have Windows)

Deleting the Beat Banger folder and adding it to the exclusion list did not help

Deleted 2 days ago

the game does not seem to load at all on "virgin newbie"


How do I ger Autoplay mode to work?


how do i pull up extras

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Loved the old game, loving the new demo.

Sadly I can’t wishlist and I guess never play the full version* though, unless there is also an itch full version (I’d throw my money at)

*“This item is currently unavailable in your region”

Art is so cute love it


How do I put a mod


free play mode?

Deleted 29 days ago
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still can't join cause invalid link inv...even though my discord is updated already

great, but challenge mods are difficult to play as lag sets the whole piece off half a note. also, incorrectly tapped notes after a note that is the same key shouldn't count, otherwise you only get 3 misses, it should just be missing the note or tapping the wrong note not mistiming the note because that's already covered by not tapping on time.


When will there be an android version?

mods dont work


make sure you put the CHARACTER folder into the mods folder. some mods have multiple.


it crashes, after the +18 popup

you did press continue after it, cha?

it mightn't think you are but idk doesn't seem like the og komdog style to do you like that

yes i did

cant play beat banger v 264 it crashes

Hey, when i try to join the Discord server I get an error sayin "Whoops... unable to accept invite." And I can't join. Is the server down or something

No the server isn't down, try this: https://discord.gg/e7RqFX4p

here's a question, when it's released on steam would you be able to download mods through the steam workshop or would it still be restricted to the community discord?

it's not restricted to disc, but if it went to steam it would probably get itself a nexus page.
The game has a designated mods folder, why bother with porting it to the workshop?

Hopefully this game gets a modding scene at some point, at least one not leashed to the black hole that is discord

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Man, I've only ever seen videos of the gameplay, but for whatever reason, the art/animation (plus Im real keen for judy) do it for me like nothing else. I was crushed to find out its not compatible with android. 

Although there are currently no plans to start implementing it into android yet, it might be something to see in the future! 

would it be possible to make a build for mac?

It is possible, but currently there is little incentive to do so. If you'd like that, consider becoming a patron and requesting it. Or, simply join the discord and put it under suggestions! Feedback is always welcome! 

ok, I had a weird semi-working controller mode in this, not even sure it's supported or if I had another program emulating it in the back, either way, it's not working as intented

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Hey um so i want to say something i just see i am ban from the server discord but i don't know why so my discord is SPOOKY MONTH #6933 please unban me i did nothing to get ban thanks if you unban me


You can play this on Linux using Steam, just download the games files (outside of the itch.io application), extract them, go to Steam, add the .exe, go to properties, compatibility, enable 'Force Use Steam play', and set the Proton version

wine works too

I'd really like to buy the game on steam. But since they are too lazy to implement a proper way of age verification in in my country, I'm not able to.



What country is that? We have been navigating ways to distribute the game to as wide a public as possible. I'll mention these restrictions to the Devs. 

It's germany.

Steam blocks NSFW content there since december 2020.

(If you're interested in the details behind it, there is a discussion that summarizes this insanity pretty well: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/5544461758374068281/) The fault is on both Valve(Steam) and the german gouvernment.

The problem is that I can't see NSFW products anywhere on Steam anymore (including the web version). VPNs don't work because they get your location by your payment information as well (and they generally block those IPs when you try to create an account).

This really makes it impossible for anyone to get (or even find) such games via Steam when they're living in germany even though, if the game itself is perfectly legal to buy for an adult there. -_-

Thanks for your reply and your efforts.

Maybe there is another platform where the game can be sold in addition to Steam without much effort. I can only talk for myself but I'd be happy about it.

This is a really cool hentai game ! Could I do let's play videos on your game (Beat Banger) ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from the videos I post on porn website)

Seeing as it's free, as long as you make it CLEAR how to find the game / Bunfan Games they wouldn't mind. 1.x.x has several playthroughs. Prob not paid vers. tho, because why buy it if they can just watch someone play it?

Well if I want to post it on xhasmter I need a explicit aproval from teh developer... so that's why I'm asking ^^'

drop MEGA with mods pls

Do the mods of the older version still work on this one?

No, they overhauled many things and added a 4th Notekey.
Classic mods can still be played via Legacy Edition which is supported as it's own thing.

do you have the mega link with the old mods?


Try either this link or browse the dedicated section of the offical Discord


A bit disorienting having the colored inputs in the game align with the inverse of my Xbox controller buttons. Solid game, otherwise.

you should've been able to rebind in settings


Will there ever be a 32 bit version?

cant wait for more

finger game


i cant wait for the full release


My dyslexia makes this game impossible to play.


I'm having a issue with the discord link, this is the print of my problem

I saw that this community has 26.771, why i can't join? I was not banned or anything, the invitation just doesn't seems to work :(


same here

(2 edits) (+7)(-2)

Is it just me or is this game way too unforgiving as a demo?

I had absolutely no problem clearing the entirety of the V1 levels and played a large number of mods but I'm finding V2 to be shockingly difficult.
I think I've pinned it down to the main issue (Aside from the fact these charts feel they'd fit more in a intermediate level than beginner ones), it's the new heart system.

In theory you can survive 4 mistakes in a row and lose getting a 5th error, however in actuality in Rhythm games the player will be trying to be pressing the right notes to the beat and their messups 90% of the time will either be pressing the right key off beat or the wrong key on beat, the thing is that since the game punishes you both for your wrong timing/input AND the missed note that in practice nearly every mistake the player makes will be counted as TWO MISTAKES, taking the rather reasonable 5 hearts down to a practical 3.

Other than that these two levels are way too hard for the very first 2 levels in a game, I understand that this genre is often much more hardcore than many outsiders would assume but these two charts are way too complex for what is essentially the tutorial, you need to give the player a bit of time to properly get comfortable with the feel of the game before dialing things up to this level which as I say feels more intermediate, then by the end of the game you can get truly brutal. But as is now it feels like the difficulty curve will go from medium to  hard to insurmountable instead of a more balanced curve and TBH that makes it pretty much impossible to actually get off to the visuals because you'll either be seeing frequent game overs or be so preoccupied on the gameplay.

Also judging by the fact that it took many attempts to simply pass but by the time I did on both levels I got either a 4 or 5 stars on both levels first success that tells me that it's way too unforgiving as you need to be able to be close to getting a perfect rank to simply clear at all, meaning the 3 star is super rare and 1 and 2 stars nonexistent.

I'm not a Rhythm expert or anything but I play Games like Muse Dash fairly frequently and have less issues clearing some of the real hard levels in that than simply surviving the "easy" levels here. I appreciate the new visual overhauls and still see a ton of potential but as of the moment am feeling this is a sizeable step back from V1 in terms of balance and design, I hope you can fix these issues for the full release as you still have a lot of time left but I feel you might have to reevaluate and redo some things to get the game in it's proper potential.
I've been a fan for years now and hope you can fix these issues in the future going forward and wish you the best, hope my review comes in helpful.


This game is not difficult at all. I don't play rhythm games and I still find it easy, even the hardest mods for these are still doable for me. So I'm sorry but it sounds like either a skill issue or input issue on your end, tons of people complained V1 was too hard


Skill Issue.


my game does not open every time it appears that godot has stopped working. can someone help me


This is looking INSANELY promising. Only thing I'd recommend is earning gallery mode through reaching 5 stars. I know you are looking to add a point shop that may be the end goal, but I think it'd make for a good stopgap in the meantime


Got some cool stuff added in the game.
Man, I can't wait for the full release.

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