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Cant play the  secret level even though I played the demo

Nevermind Figured it out 

how do you do it

the game is really good, but the darkening when replenishing by the key interferes a little, and please, as you finish the project, try to transfer it to smartphones.

As a rhythm game player, I cannot overlook this and I'm glad I did. The beats were banger but I wish there was a freeplay mode, i was too focused on not missing then paying attention to the art.  I got FC's on every level tho :3

Oh and also latency issues, wish i could config that 


there is somewhat of a free play mode with the "handsfree" command you can use at the start of the menu


whats the command?

So I get how to play the songs from the character levels, but is there a way to get the file for the track that plays at the menu screen?


Mods can be found on the Discord server linked above. Once you've read the rules and accepted them, you can go in the bb-modding textual chat and find the mod list in the pinned messages. Komdog is planning on an in-game mod downloader for game version 1.3

its still not fixed! I tried downloading and extracting the win 64bit. but as soon as I opened the application it said "the godot engine is not working". please fix this.


Have you tried disabling your antivirus while downloading it?

yes, i tried but nothing changed

I recommend you try joining the Discord server and ask for help there. The link for that is in the description above.

alright :(

the secret song is broken for me, it only downloads the chart.cfg file for me nothing else.

i figured it out, my antivirus didnt like the game downloading files

Yoshi really out here with the best song, great game with 10/10 potential really wanna see some more. Anyone else have the  "looking for secrets" msg when trying to get the secret song?


where can i get some Mod?

Appearly it is in there discord server


im here until the game gets DMCA'd lol

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Hi, I got a pop up which said my PC might be at risk if I run this game. It looks fun and super sexy, but I'm not sure if I should be worried about this or not.

I'm trying to run the game on a laptop, by the way. Just somebody please let me know if there's anything I need to worry about. Thanks.

Nope, just a general warning windows does.

All right, thank you.


Difficulty options would be nice as well. I'm still loving the game, Yoshi level is very tough. 


"yoshi level"?? wtf?


How can you get the secret song?

go on the wiki and you will see commands for the console and then just download the demo the code is "demogang"

Deleted post

Is there, per chance, a way to get *only* the songs? cuz i love the music but god i dont want to play porn games every time i listen

thanks in advance!

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They are in yourgamefodler/data/character/songs

This game is just gold ! Can't wait to see more in the future !
Any chance you guys recruit people ? Just asking :

Bit of an issue now and then where it won't properly track my inputs even if I am hitting them. Need to re-click the window once in a while to get it to recognize the inputs even if I haven't clicked elsewhere.

Still fun game to play~ Animations were nice, though the location of the inputs made it hard to focus on the animations. And sometimes the other way around.


It was rlly enjoyable! I like music and animations all the way~
I only disliked yoshi one but rest was brilliant~


also is there any site where can I get mods for it?


The moment I saw Toriel I knew I had to get this lmao, and I'm glad I did! 

Gameplay is fun (although hard to pay attention to) 

The songs are bangers, and the animations are surprisingly really good! 

Not a fan of Yoshi but the others are top shelf and I can't wait for more to come (I suggest some more of the really popular girls, like Rouge or something)

Is there any way to calibrate the timing (or at least make the timing window more generous)? This game really seems to have pretty bad input lag that other games don't on this same machine...

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You know what, I've got to admit that this is pretty good! Overall 'feel' of the menus is perfect, concept is refreshing and executed well (it's casual enough that you could play it with one hand and without focusing too hard, which is good design considering the context :p I like how you can see the colors of the beats even when they're in your peripheral vision), and the mod support just completely elevates it above and beyond since its so easy to make a mod for your game (at least from what I've seen at the wiki). 

You've done a wonderful job with this,  keep it up!

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I'm an idiot I accidentally muted the game when I pressed something on my keyboard and now I can't unmute it. Please help.


i loved the game, can't wait for updates/mods for it


how do you load in the mod?


Yo! I'm a lover of Rhythm games. I have to say; This is one interesting game. I don't see many NSFW-styled Rhythm games, especially not one so casual. You even support mods, which is super gnarly! Keep adding cool characters (Can't go wrong with Undertale) , maybe add in stronger difficulties for replay value, and you've got a game that's gonna blow up bigger than anything in the adult gaming market. You've got my support for sure! 


@BunFan I think it's a great game but you lost me at the last two levels, maybe other characters but please not male. Or just another version with females only please?



your loss lolol

In case no one has told you this yet, you can delete the charts you don't want by going to the game files folder and deleting them. I was able to delete both the Yoshi map and the Jack map with no apparent issues.

If you want the charts at a later time, you'll have to re-install the game.


ooohh thank you!

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how does one play a mod im so confused ;-;

when i press / at the main menu to bring up the console nothing happen, what could be the problem??
plz help


Public mods' common link when? I bet artists will get crazy with the edits as more time passes, so I'm quite sure a small database to hold the modding accessible would be a good idea.


man this is really good! can't wait to see what people mod into it!


That's a Great Game, there is a way to get the songs? They are just so cool! 


really good, like REALLY good.

great animations, catchy music, reactive controls, runs great.

9/10 would def pay for a bigger version if that's ever gonna happen


donde puedo descargar las modificaciones de las imágenes, como un ejemplo KomDog mod y los demás, pero sin ningún tipo de pagos

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when i open the application it tells me that ran into a problem. after clicking a button it closes the program.  is there a way to fix this?


Having a similar problem haven’t found a way to fix it yet 


Is there a way to just see the animation after beating the levels? That would be nutz!!

I believe kom has said that he might add a gallery mode to allow you to play just the animations. otherwise you can just use the handsfree code to enable auto play. Just press / at the main menu to bring up the console.

what is the code?

Deleted 1 year ago

Really Great game! The music was amazing and so was the Animations, But I have a major question: Is there somewhere to get the music for each level?

its in the games files. in data, level and you should find it in there


is anyone else getting an open gl support error or have any way to fix it?

ok first why is your pc scream have pop stains on it 


Cuz it’s old and from my dad who liked to eat while he was working from it. Not that that really helps with my problem.

ok sorry i was joker i thick you need a new pc or card driver ok 

alright thanks for the help👍


Really good so far! The gameplay was fun, the music was nice, and I absolutely loved the animations. I can't wait for more content updates, because this is super cool!

Aww no Mac version, damn.




Great game so far! 

The music is really catchy, the UI is clean and responsive, and the animation has a lot of punch to it! 

The only thing I would think to add would be a gallery or watch mode so you can watch the scenes play out after you beat  a level. It's a bit difficult to appreciate the animation while playing the game haha

But overall good work! I look forward to seeing more from y'all! ^-^


There's actually already an autoplay mode! It's accessible through the console. Details here :

Though we'll probably implement an official gallery mode in a an update.


I think a Gallery Mode would be really nice. Not only would it give us free hands to work with, but (for me personally) I like earning the scenes at least once before going completely hands-free.


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