Version 2.892

This update is a bit delayed since we've been out of town. But we're picking up speed and getting ready to release the next major game update in version 2.9!

Notice: we've moved our bug reporting from Discord over to GitHub, so if you would like to report a bug, please go here.


  • Added colors to credit names
  • Added Clear Save to Options Menu
  • Added Fast Foward to Credits
  • Added Theater Menu
  • Added new menu sounds


  • Updated Cutscene Clapper Icon
  • Updated Theater Graphics
  • Updated Lock Icons Animations
  • Updated Input Prompts Animations
  • Updated some credit names
  • Updated Cutscene Viewer visuals
  • Updated Cutscenes


  • Fixed PS5 Glyph errors
  • Fixed Pointshop not refreshing
  • Fixed last note crashing on autoplay
  • Fixed settings menu not scrolling during level
  • Fixed Theater Music not playing after watching a cutscene
  • Fixed Auto notes not working
  • Fixed level loading times
  • Fixed Notes somtimes appearing as wrong keybinds
  • Fixed tooltips going away in the point shop
  • Fixed keybinds not applying

Other Changes

  • All in game menus are 1.5x faster
  • All in game menus remember your last selection and retain it
  • HANDS FREE mode now unlocked after 2 Stars (Skill Issue)
  • Mod and level selection menu now go back to the ACT screen
  • Jasmine has a few more Dialogue Options

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May 25, 2023 188 MB
May 25, 2023

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