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game gives me epilepsy, but god damn if it aint worth it

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((((((((((how do i fix this??)))))))))))


can someone give me a tutorial rundown on how to install mods please

when you download the zip file and unpack it you should see the game folder in there is the game and other stuff in the game folder is a folder named "mods" in there you put the mods then you download the mods unpack them (a mod should be a folder named "sample mod" (for example) if the mod is not in e folder when unpacking put the files of the mod into a new folder (you should name it))then you start the game and the mods should be in the mods menu


Does anyone know where to find good mods?


I tried really hard, but i couldnt beat the first level, given its my first time playing a beat game, and im not good at them. but im trying and its just not even fun, in order to beat it I cant even try enjoying the artwork, but autoplay doesnt even let you progress so you cant enjoy the whole game with out beating each level. I really want to enjoy it, and the sound and art is good. but unless there is a level unlock command im not picking this back up and throwing it in the recycle bin.


git gud

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Skill issue ain't it?

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yes there is its freecandy

there's a command "free candy" if you wanna unlock levels that you can't  unlock


is there a full screen mod


press f11


Formerly Chuck's

plz plz plz make a web version


Is there Plan for Android port?

will there be a web version ?


This is funny to see
"2.0 Coming soon" Sep 26 2021
"V 2.0 Full Releasing" Dec 2022 

I look for and want this phone game, it's super entertaining and "entertaining"


How is this not mobile seems like it would be perfect for that platform


Yes i *REALLY* hope they could made it available on mobiles

they are working on the new version for steam i think (ver 2.0)

There Will Be An Another Update Or 
Public Realise On Steam?

Please Answer me pleases 

Also i really Love This game Soo Much
5STARS ^w^

Check the discord for more info

Is there a mod pack for the miss kobayashi dragon maid series?


ok now for everyone here are the mods (for now only on mega)

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Can i have drive folder , mega is close


the mega link was broken google drive link doesnt exist(yet) but here is the fixed mega link:

thx god qwq

please post more mods in MEGA, I don't have access to the discord, and the last link was dropped a long time ago


Will there ever be a apk for it 

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Would be nice if there was a gallery-two stages in and the art is great! But hard to enjoy while also gaming. :P

That third level caught me off guard. :P


there's a cheat code for autoplay levels. push / on the main menu and type handsfree


Thank you!

Can someone please tell me where to get mods?

Deleted 303 days ago

For some reason the volume down button works for me but the volume up button doesn't work and now I have cursed myself to forever playing this game muted. can someone please help?

I can't play the normal game or neither use other mods than the one already downloadable is that normal? Pls help


What about a control that when you hold down and let go at the right moment SMASH!! Pounds harder.


i need a version in chromebook or android pls


Hey I have a question can you make it available to be played on chrome books please!!!


Make an auto version


use /handsfree on the main menu


any other codes?

does not work for me

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how to open console in main menu?



Man, this game is sooo perfect ♥

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just so everyone knows i made a new folder for the mods

(in my MEGA becouse i saved them there)

why i can't download :v

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where can I find mods for the game

I found only one, but the screenshot shows a larger number

sad the mod list on mega got taken down for "gross violation" of it's ToS

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i have litteraly every mod on my pc and on my MEGA cloud drive


think you can pass that my way?

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here you go i needed to google for to make a folder public

Thanks m8

hey, think you could upload it somewhere else as well? Mega's transfer limit as well as it's weirdly slow downloads make using it a big pain .v. either way thanks for contributing to keeping the collection of mods around

you can use mega sync to download faster and what other online storage should i use google drive? or something else?


Still no Mac version :(


why are you gаy


who says Im gae?

Having this kind of rythm game in android would lovely, to bad i don't have pc/laptop that meet this game requirements

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in the mod menu from the game if i put mods in there is it normal that the lightest button press is at the speed of light? 

edit: i think i know why it is becouse the fps is so high


if anyone needs help on how to apply mods i know how to now





ok find the file called win64 and extract it in downloads. once you do that find a mod you want to install. when you find the mod download it as a zip. go to downloads extract the mod. once you have a single unzipped file will appear click on it and something at the top will say "move to" click on the choose location click on this pc then click on downloads and look for win64 click on it then click on mods and move to in that order. hope that helps


where do i find mods for the game

Can someone please answer? I recently downloaded the game but i'm having difficulties with applying the reskins/retexture packs as when i download them, they appear in the mods folder where i send them however when i boot up the game, they aren't there. Any suggestions, please, on how to get this fixed?


Did you unzip the mod and extract it to the mods folder

thanks, didn't know I had to extract to the mods folder


were can i find the mods?

On the Discord server. You can find a New Mods thread in #bb-modding and a pinned MEGA link in the same channel.

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